What to do Before, During and After a Reading (Both Sides)

Are you wondering what, if at all, the protocol is for before during and after a reading, you are in the right spot. I am going to go over a few things that you can do before, during and after a reading as a reader AND a querent.
Now, before we begin, I will be honest and say that spirituality is often a private and individualized practice. No two people do all the same things the same way… (And if they are, you might wanna run!) Tuning into your spirituality allows YOU to receive information and downloads that may be beneficial and serve you and only you. Forcing what you do onto other people is never ok, but sharing what you have learned to be true for yourself non-aggressively is welcomed by most. What I’m really trying to say is, you don’t have to do a THING on this list if you don’t feel like it/it doesn’t resonate with you. However, this is what I have found to be most effective for keeping energetic channels clear and from forming and prolonging potentially toxic connections.


QuerentChill. Sometimes before a reading it’s good to meditate on what you want to focus on. If your reader is highly sensitive, they may pick up on this. Focusing deeply on your problem before and during a reading also just sets you up for getting more out of the experience.
ReaderCreate a sacred space. Cleanse your area of choice for your reading with smoke, aromatherapy, sound… Whatever your favorite cleansing tool is at the moment should be used. Candles can be lit for focus or to keep away certain vibrations. I personally dedicate a 3 day candle to my readings that I have drawn affirmations on. It’s been said a glass or bowl of water should be kept near you during your reading as water can be used as an energetic filter. Another good rule of thumb is to meditate, specifically on grounding. Lots of readers feel tired or “out of it” after readings and this can be greatly reduced by grounding yourself into the earth and setting energetic protections around the bodies. Finally, add incense, sprays, music… whatever else gets you into that channeling zone.


QuerentTAKE NOTES. Write down what is being said and date it. Make a journaling session out of it. I say this because if you’re getting readings out hea’ without taking the time to integrate what you’ve been given, you might be wasting your time and money (which is time + effort). Plus, it’s always fun to go back to a reading from 1966-pick-up-sticks and kiki with your friends, reader or spirit team about how it all unfolded. Another great thing to do during a reading is be quiet. Don’t interrupt your reader if they ask you not to. Some readers are mediums, necromancers, veil hoppers, clairaudient, and so on and need extra focus to be able to give you the correct message. If your reader asks you to refrain from asking questions until the end, but you can’t help yourself, be silently prepared for them to possibly lose track of a message, which prevents you from gaining insight. Focus during your reading. If you can’t find a quiet space or time to commit to yourself (because getting readings is all about self discovery and mastery), then reschedule. Again, another disservice to self! If it’s really serious to you, act like it!
ReaderFocus. Take your time. Breathe. Don’t feel weird being you and doing what you need to do to get out the message.


QuerentThank your reader! If you didn’t pay them before hand, pay them! Or, share their services and refer people to them. Giving a reading has the ability to take energy out of people. Strive to make equal exchange in some way. Giving your reader a review helps too. People can better make decisions if they want to work with someone after reading a few honest reviews. Regardless of who your reader was, feel free to cleanse yourself with smoke, spray, or whatever your favorite cleansing tool may be. Especially if you had a negative experience during the reading, focus on cleansing and cutting cords with the reader. If you want another reading, I find it’s best to wait a few days before getting it. Spiritual thottery is real (and ok) but lots of people do not have good spiritual sanitation habits, which can and will confuse lines of communication. It kinda tells the universe you’re confused as hell and that is the vibration you want to be on or receive. This tip almost slipped my mind… But if you have your own tarot or oracle deck, lay out the cards the exact same way your reader did. Sit with them and meditate on them. See if you can interpret your own meanings from what they have pulled.
ReaderCUT & CLEAR & CLOSE & CLEANSE. Regardless of how the reading/session went you should at least cleanse your self or space. Practice excellent spiritual sanitation. Some people you read for have energies and spirits that may want to attach to you. Be cognizant of that! Also, be sure to drink water! You just worked a lot of energy zones, especially your throat chakra. Water is also another way to cleanse yourself post reading, just charge the water for that purpose! Finally, get some self care in. Take a nap, eat some food, go outside and ground… Whatever you need to do to feel 100% again! Some readers also take notes on their clients. I chose not to, but this can be very helpful for return clients or clients that you work with through multiple sessions.
Take the time now, as reader or querent to call back all of your high vibrational and powerful energy from any exchanges that you’ve had in the past. Out loud, state your intention of calling back your power and dissolving any and all cords that you no longer want or need to keep open. Readings are a great way to dive deep into self and learn about how to handle certain situations, but use your spiritual protection while giving and receiving them. You have nothing to fear, honestly and truly, when you are watching your own back!
Have any other pre, during or post reading tips? Comment below!

As always, feel free to respond to this message if you would like clarity.✨

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