Weekly Guidance: 9-24-17 You ARE Magick

✨You ARE Magick✨


Have you been working toward a new goal? Studying a new trade or skill? Or just trying to manifest new avenues of life? Well the Goddesses are here to let you know that it’s WORKING! Keep doing what you are doing. More opportunities to advance your skills will appear to you. You will notice signs and synchronicities when you are in alignment with your true purpose — if you’ve been seeing repeating numbers after making choices, completing assignments then pay attention to that! Do not lose sight or knowledge of your personal power and strength. Whatever magick you have been doing; studying, practicing your skill, working out, meditation, throwing down roots… It will all come together to give you exactly what you desire. Have faith!

🗣 AFFIRM: I am magickal. I am the spell. I easily manifest abundance.   
Every morning that you wake up — make it a point to look in the mirror and express gratitude to yourself. Be it your physical being, your accomplishments or your smarts… Compliment yourself and say thank you!

As always, feel free to respond to this message if you would like clarity.✨

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