Weekly Guidance: 9-17-17 Lessons in Reciprocity


Peace Loves,

This week I have drawn the Six of Pentacles and the Four of Cups, therefore the theme of the week is reciprocity. It is time to slow down and re-evaluate, again! This time, visiting how you give and take in your relationships with others. Are you giving, giving, giving until you’re empty? Left feeling resentment towards those you help? Or are you taking, taking, taking without considering compensating those who have lent you a hand?

You should also analyze this concept personally: are you giving yourself enough rest time? Are you adhering to other people’s schedule and neglecting your own? Are there times that you have over-extended yourself and you are still beating yourself up for it? How often do you show up for yourself or look out for your future self?

The New Moon this Tuesday will be in Virgo (YAY!), so use the energy to get yourself back on track. Grab a journal and start writing down all of the things you want to call into your life that will make your relationships (with yourself and others) healthier such as: mindfulness, compassion, consideration, the ability to set boundaries, the ability to speak up for self, the ability to recognize repeating patterns/life tests. Review this list of items daily and be cognizant of situations in which you are being called to action. (Virgo new moons are great for breaking and starting habits too! Wink Wink!)

🗣 AFFIRM: I am my own advocate. I consistently give and receive pure love.  
Throw away the victim narrative. Learn to stop over-extending yourself. Recognize what it feels like after you put in too much effort and remember that feeling. YOU must take care of YOU first!

As always, feel free to respond to this message if you would like clarity.✨

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