Weekly Guidance: 4-24-17 You Will Prevail

Peace. You may have recently been revealed something or learned something new. Take this information and expand on it. Create or inspire others by making or sharing what you have learned. This new information may be very powerful. So use your mental strength, truth and passion. Honesty and justice are key themes here. Because the Emperor represents structure and patriarchy. The work you are doing will lead to a system being put into place, be it a workflow, a new design, etc. You will gain more personal control which will then allow you to influence others. But be cautious. Five of Swords is the card of tenacity, and not the good kind. Stop giving negative energy to a certain situation, especially if it relates to this new found knowledge. Instead, focus on the positive aspects. How can you transform what you’ve learned and integrate it into your life?

Finally the angels say ground yourself! It’s Taurus season! Whenever the sun is in an earth sign, take extra care to ground yourself. It’s the perfect time! Also keep in mind that although Taurus is known to be calm and docile, it is still a bull. And it will still fuck up your China. So be mindful of your thoughts and emotions. Express yourself in a peaceful manner and if you’re not being heard, move on or find another solution through meditation or grounding. In order for the spiritual and mental to work, you must balance them with the material.


As always, feel free to respond to this message if you would like clarity.✨

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