Weekly Guidance✨: 3-25-18

✨Treat yo self✨

This week begins with the Moon in Cancer. Take time to honor yourself for any advancements or milestones you have made since the beginning of the month or in the last 6 months. Thank your higher self for directing you to where you needed to be, when you needed to be there. Give gratitude to your intuition and emotions for keeping you in check. And definitely be sure to forgive yourself for any mistakes or lapses you have experienced within this time too. With the Aries energy heating up, it is almost too easy to have a tantrum… So before you do, soothe your mind with all the greatness you’ve accomplished thus far!

✨Themes of March

The underlying themes of this month are:

Releasing, shadow work, trauma, burdens, transformation, review, growth and realization.

Keep these phrases with you as you journey through the month.

As always, feel free to respond to this message if you would like clarity.✨

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