Weekly Guidance: 10-22-17 See Only Love

✨See Only Love✨


This week the angels want you to have some compassion. Spend time focusing on the positive and loving aspects of people and situations in your life. Just as there is bad, there is good. And just like you, other people make mistakes and that is OK. Try seeing past this by releasing your need to judge. Let so-and-so off the hook for a little. Try to look at them through the eyes of an angel, with love and care. Concentrating on the positives more than the negatives raises your vibration and allows you to attract more good into your life, so start manifesting love and kindness by choosing to focus on it!

🗣 AFFIRM: I can see the positives in all things. 

As always, feel free to respond to this message if you would like clarity.✨

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