Total Solar Eclipse in Leo Personal Thoth Tarot Reading

Before the solar eclipse on Monday, I spent a lot of time getting ready. I felt the energies heavy and wanted to step into the energy feeling renewed and cleansed. I saged myself, cleansed my aura and played my sound bowl. But something called me to my tarot cards, so I pulled for a reading. I used the tarot spread from the Solar Eclipse and Leo New Moon Ritual by The Sacred School of Gypsy Arts. I like using the spreads from this magickal creator, as well as her artwork to embellish my notebooks and research. This spread is all about the new energies and transformations that will occur over the next 6 months and beyond of this solar eclipse.

This eclipse was unsurprisingly very popular, as it was the first one to cross from coast to coast in the United States in about 100 years. For me, though, this eclipse was super important. I was born during a solar eclipse and had never seen one before, so I was greatly attracted to it.

On to the spread! I used the Shrine of the Black Medusa tarot deck for this reading. Prior to this reading, I hadn’t realized it was a Thoth deck, which was a great surprise. I had been wanting a Thoth deck for some time now… Go figure. 

August 21, 2017 Solar Eclipse Reading

Total Solar Eclipse in Leo Personal Reading High Priestess J

1. What area of my life is the most influenced by the Solar Eclipse?
ADJUSTMENT – Wow. Adjustment, being the 11th card in the Major Arcana (the card has a typo on it… still figuring out how to edit it creatively) and being my first card is HUGE. I am an 11 life path, and one of the things that I was hoping to see a positive change in is my spirituality and getting closer to my life purpose. “You have to consider that you have the tools you need to discern the outcome”. This lead me to believe I will have to do some introspection.
2. What illusions are being brought into the light?
FOUR OF CUPS – In traditional Raider Waite tarot, this card symbolizes not making a decision, resisting, boredom or meditation. However in Thoth, the Four of Cups symbolizes luxury, emotional stability, stagnation, taking things for granted. I am not quite sure how this card relates to me, but I am taking the warning of not taking things for granted at all! Perhaps something I have found comfort in will change.
3. How can I embrace my shadow medicine?
THE HERMIT – I just love the artwork for this card. It clicks with me on some level. I actually thought I would get the Four of Cups for this question, but the Hermit is a better fit. I admit, I do need to meditate more, spend more time alone, and engage in more introspection. Totally copping out — but some days I really just feel like there are not enough hours in the day… Luckily, I just found out that the meditations held at my job once a week actually happen three times a week, so I don’t have an excuse to not go one or twice a week. I now commit to meditation and spending time in solitude!
4. What paradigm shifts will emerge after the eclipse?
PRINCESS OF WANDS – This was when I realized that I had a Thoth deck on my hands. Originally, I had just thought that the creator of the deck was simply being inclusive. But Thoth decks also have Princess cards as well as some other cards in the major arcana. That being said, I was pumped to get this card. The Princess of Wands represents a young woman with fire in her heart; she is ruthless and doesn’t take crap. She is passionate, capable, powerful and vengeful. I would love to embody more of her positive aspects!
5. How can I harness potent medicine of the Solar Eclipse for my spiritual practice?
FOUR OF WANDS – Completion is what the Four of Wands stands for, but I feel like it may be deeper than that. I believe that this whole reading really wants me to meditate. I think maybe reviewing some tougher times may be good for me, as I have changed substantially in the past year. Perhaps realizing some ways in which I am spiritually completed even though I may feel as though there is still work…
6. Message from the Sun.
TEN OF PENTACLES – To me, this card ending up being here is perfection. Reason 1 is because in the original layout, it had the sixth card oriented horizontally and this card is one of a few cards that are horizontal in the deck. Reason 2 is because I love this card! Ten of Pentacles is security, happiness, having everything that you need. This card also symbolizes a special relationship that I have. I think it is a great final message, especially from the Sun, that which illuminates all. I welcome the Ten of Pentacles energy into my life!

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