Signs from Spirit – Feathers and Birds

Feathers and Spirituality

Call it what you want, but God, Spirit, Angels, the Higher Self and Ancestors have ways of sending you messages from the other side. We often ask for these messages and forget before we see the sign. This guide will open your eyes to what it means when bird feathers cross your path!

Feathers are seen as spiritual symbols in many cultures, as angels have wings and birds are often depicted as messengers from spirit. Since the only beings in our world with feathers are birds, they are associated with the Air element (communication, change, ideas, thoughts, concentration). Depending on the bird from which the feather comes and the location, timing and circumstances you are under, you can easily determine if you want to use or keep the feathers that cross your path for your spiritual practices. For example, a crow’s feather would be a great addition to any protection work, but a geese feather just might not cut it. On the other hand, a geese feather would be great for family work, as geese often mate for life (aww) and travel in gaggles (specific term for a flock of geese).

Finding Feathers

When you find a feather, take a moment to pause and reflect and show some gratitude for the sign that you have just been sent. Journaling about the feather, drawing it, photographing it, collecting it or leaving the feather as is are all options for interacting with this divine message.


Renewal of Passion, Starting Something New, Male or Masculine Being, Power, Courage

Birds: Cardinal, Purple Finch, Red Faced Warbler


New Ideas, Creativity, Happiness

Birds: Baltimore Oriole, Orange Bishop, American Robin


Infuse joy into your life, Energy, Vitality, Keep Going, Mental Alertness

Birds: Great Tit, Yellow Warbler, American Goldfinch


Healing is taking place, Physical World, Prosperity, Love

Birds: Greenfinch, Parakeets, Rosy-Faced Lovebird


Pay attention to your conversations, Psychic Abilities and Awareness, Clairaudience, New Messages

Birds: Bluejay, Bluebird, Siberian Blue Robin


Higher Thinking, Royalty, Spirituality, Transmutation/Transformation

Birds: Bahama Woodstar, Anna’s Hummingbird, The Purple Martin


Love, Romance, Youth and Children

Birds: Flamingo, Roseate Spoonbill, Pink Robin


Things will look up soon, take time to clear the mind, body and space, grounding, Wisdom, Strengthening

Birds: Owls, Ducks, Finches, Turkeys


The ending of a cycle, Renewal, Spiritual Protection or the need for it, Warning

Birds – Crows, Blackbirds, Ravens


Purity, Blessings, Being watched over, Angels are Near, Loved ones Who passed on are near, Beauty

Birds: Cockatoo, Swans, Doves


Peace will soon come, Neutrality, To Be Flexible

Birds: Gulls, Geese, Northern Mockingbird


Union or Integration, Releasing the Past, Self-Discovery

Birds: Teals, Spotted Dove, Spotted Thick Knee

Black & White

Change is coming soon

Birds: Albatross, Black and White Warbler, Rose-breasted Grosbeak


Opulence, Royalty, Protection from the Evil Eye, Hygiene

People often say to me, “Where would I even find a purple or pink feather, that’s ridiculous.” And in all honesty, if you truly believe that, then you may never see an exotic colored feather or bird. Being closed off to the possibilities of mother nature is arrogant in and of itself. I have personally seen “rarer” feather colors while traveling to different states and countries or in stores that happen to have feathers (in these cases, a feather will appear where there aren’t supposed to be any).

Although you can find feathers in stores or online, nothing beats finding feathers along a peaceful walk, when you least expect it. Next time you are preparing to take a stroll, go ahead and ask spirit a question and request that birds are used to show you what you need to know. You may see a bird you’ve never seen in your area before or almost step on a brilliantly colored feather!

I personally like to add feathers to my smoke cleansing rituals or as altar decoration. How do you like to use feathers in your practice? Leave a comment below!

As always, feel free to respond to this message if you would like clarity.✨

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