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Wealth & Abundance Mojo
Wealth & Abundance Mojo Bags

You may purchase a mojo bag with or without one of my BLESSED N DRESSED candles!

Mojo bags are sachets filled with various items to help the owner attain their desires. These bags are perfect for those that are looking for a job, want to get a raise, looking for the right career path, starting a new business, need help managing their finances, etc.

I specially added specific crystals and curio these mojos to protect the users from haters, work accidents, increase memory & focus, and keep you in a good light. All items have been prayed over and cleansed with Palo Santo and Florida water. Then covered in my own special money oil blend. Instructions are received digitally.

You get 1 to 3 of each stone included per bag. The selection may include but is not limited to: citrine, pyrite, emerald, quartz, aventurine.


Wealth & Abundance Mojo Bag Client Review
Wealth & Abundance Mojo Bag Client Review -- It works if you work it!
Wealth & Abundance Mojos - Helps draw in new clients!
Wealth & Abundance Mojos - Helps draw in new clients!

Where are my instructions...?

Right here! Why did I do it like this? The instructions and explanation are long, so save trees and ink, I've decided to send instructions digitally. If you cannot access the link, email me.

Anything else...?

Feel free to message me after you've installed your mojo bag for a while. I LOVE hearing your updates and success stories! Mine has already helped me out loads!