A Personalized Mojo Bag Made with Your Intent in Mind!

Personalized Mojo Bags
Personalized Mojo Bags

The mojo pictured above was created for dream work. 

You may purchase a mojo bag with or without one of my BLESSED N DRESSED candles!

Mojo bags are sachets filled with various items to help the owner attain their desires.

I add specific crystals and curio into these mojos to help you attain your desires. All items will be be prayed over and cleansed with Palo Santo and Florida water. Then covered in my own oil blend that corresponds with your needs. Instructions are received digitally, like the Wealth & Abundance Mojos.

You get 1 to 3 of each stone included per bag. The selection may include any mixture of crystals and herbs, it all depends on your intentions and desires!

Instructions sent digitally. 

Email or Notes:

Need ideas for your Personalized Mojo?

Academic success, Persuasion/Domination, Finding a Sponsor, Self Love, Romantic Love, Motivation, Protection, Travel Safety, Dreamwork (as pictured above), Beauty, and so on!