Custom Hoodoo Oil Blend High Priestess J
Custom Hoodoo Dusting Powder Blend High Priestess J
High Priestess J Custom Hoodoo Herb Mix

Custom Hoodoo Curio


Currently, I am offering a service to create custom, one of a kind, hoodoo curio for those who can not or do not want to create their own. These tools can be used the enhance your already magickal life, being and world.

Available to be made now are:
Condition Oils  ·  Root & Herb Mixes ·  Dusting Powders  ·  Baths  ·  Sprays  ·  Floor Washes

Be sure to write a small blurb about your intentions below when making your selection. Further discussion will continue via email. 

Your Intentions:

Custom Hoodoo Oil Blend High Priestess J

How do I use my curio...?

To find out new and innovative ways to use your new hoodoo curio, CLICK HERE! And be sure to leave a comment if you come up with your own new way to use these tools!