Crystal Sets

Romantic Love Crystal Set

Romantic Love Set - $30.00

This special set of crystals has been curated to bring compassionate, strong, healthy and lasting love into your life. Whether you are single and looking or in a relationship already, this set will bring your vibration in alignment with what you seek. Rose quartz, clear quartz and more make up this wonderful medley of LOVE! You will receive the above set of 11 crystals. An information card will be included that details what each mineral is and how it "works" it's magick. Comes in a gold-foiled muslin pouch.

Crystal Specimen

Large Pyrite Chunks

Pyrite - SOLD OUT

This is a listing for ONE pyrite specimen.

Pyrite is a mineral that connects directly to the Solar Plexus chakra. It is great for manifestation work and getting things done. It can increase the willpower of it's owner.  This crystal is also quite grounding and protective as it deflects and transmutes negative energies.


Quartz Points

Quartz Points - SOLD OUT

This is a listing for ONE quartz point.

Quartz is a crystal that everyone should have in their arsenal. It is a generator, cleanser, amplifier, and more. In the shape of a point, the energies of the quartz become laser focused out of the tip. I especially like to use these as a tool for focusing during meditation.



Hematite - SOLD OUT

This is a listing for ONE hematite specimen.

Hematite is an extremely grounding stone. You can almost feel how grounding it is in it's weight -- it is very dense. This crystal is sometimes referred to as bloodstone as when it is cracked open it resembles the red of blood. Hematite is related to the root chakra, so it can be healing for those who have overstimulated Third Eye and Crown Chakras.



Bronzite - SOLD OUT

This is a listing for ONE bronzite specimen.

Bronzite is great for those who work in office spaces or with lots of people. It encourages others to treat you with compassion as well as friendship. Bronzite also has a habit of returning negative energies back to their senders. These pieces are great for sticking in your wallet to protect your money or tucking into your pocket when you know you'll be in a hostile environment.


Tree Moss Agate

Tree Moss Agate - SOLD OUT

This is a listing for ONE tree moss agate specimen.

This specific type of Agate relates directly to the Heart Chakra. In addition to healing matters of the heart, Tree Moss Agate is said to enhance wealth. It also balances both hemispheres of your brain, allowing you to have a better thought pattern. Tree Moss agate is very healing and clears blockages, allowing you to be more creative.


snowflake obsidian and black agate pendulum

Snowflake Obsidian and Black Agate Pendulum - $15.55

Pendulums are unique tools, as they can be used for divination, energy clearing, finding lost items and more. This pendulum is made of snowflake obsidian and black agate. Snowflake obsidian has been known to help increase focus and memory. Black agate is a healing crystal that works well with the root or base chakra. It is also very protective.

This pendulum would be great for those who wish to improve studies, stay grounded and protected or clear negative energies from their spaces, lives and past-lives. 

Tektite Crystals

Tektite - SOLD OUT

This is a listing for ONE of six tektite specimen.

Tektite is a type of moldavite that is used for strengthening aura and spiritually advancing oneself. It relieves night terrors, enhances psychic capabilities, and aids with astral projection. Tektite is associated with the crown chakra. The zodiac signs that correlate with tektite are Aries, Cancer and Sagittarius.



Pyromorphyte (by the Pair) - SOLD OUT

Pyromorphite amplifies the energies of other crystals. It is a strong magnet for money, abundance and success. Pyromorphite has the ability to enhance creativity. It stimulates Solar Plexus (personal power and strength) and heart chakras.

Directly from the Yangshuo Mines in China.


Blue Lace Agate High Priestess J

Blue Lace Agate - SOLD OUT

This is a listing for THREE blue lace agate specimen.

Blue lace agate has the ability to help you communicate your thoughts and feelings. It alleviates anger and nervous tension. Communication with spirit guides may be made easier. It's a powerful crystal for those who use affirmations or song magick. Blue lace agate is also helpful for those who suffer from verbal diarrhea. Associated with Pisces. Linked to throat, third eye and crown chakras.



Lodestone - SOLD OUT

This is a listing for TWO of four pairs of lodestone specimen.

Lodestones or magnetite are naturally magnetic. They are a powerful visualization aid for manifestation. Lodestone has the ability to attract abundance, prosperity and commitment in love. It grounds from the root chakra to earth star chakra, however it can cleanse your Chakra from crown to root.

You may purchase them WITH or WITHOUT gold food. I will pack them with enough food to be completely covered, unlike the photo which just has a pinch.

Whisper your wish into the lodestone and feed it weekly to keep it satisfied.



Black Obsidian Arrowhead - SOLD OUT

This is a listing for ONE black obsidian arrowhead.

Native Americans used black obsidian arrowheads to make weapons or to wear them as talismans for good luck in battle. These obsidian arrowheads are hand carved, such as tradition. Black obsidian is a type of glass which is created when molten lava is cooled very quickly. Black obsidian is connected to your root chakra, which means it is grounding, centering, protecting and helps with self-control. It can dispel negativity and unwanted energy and is amazing for psychic self-defense. It helps us heal through periods of transition and they are also great for travel (specifically night traveling). Careful though, black obsidian may force you to face conflicts as this is a stone of truth and inner reflection. In the zodiac, black obsidian is associated with Scorpio and Sagittarius.

These are perfect for Gris Gris bags, jewelry making, adding to a collection or to your altar!



Ocean (Orbicular) Jasper - SOLD OUT

This is a listing for ONE of three ocean jasper specimen.

Ocean Jasper, also known as orbicular Jasper, is Jasper with inclusions of quartz and feldspar. It is only found in Madagascar during low tides. Ocean Jasper has a very nurturing energy and releases emotional blockages. It can also be used for detoxifying properties. It is associated with the heart and solar plexus chakras. Zodiac signs that Ocean Jasper is related to are Cancer, Capricorn and Pisces.


Raw American Turquoise

Raw American Turquoise - SOLD OUT

This is a listing for ALL THREE raw turquoise specimen.

Turquoise is one of the oldest stones on the planet that has been used for its healing properties. It stimulates your third eye and throat chakra. This is real, genuine turquoise from the American Southwest, not died howlite! Turquoise carries the energy of truth. It brings psychic protection and deep awareness. Turquoise is associated with the zodiac sign Sagittarius.



Serpentine - SOLD OUT

This is a listing for ONE of eleven serpentine specimen.

Serpentine is amazing because it has the ability to clear blockage in all chakras. It heals you mentally, physically and emotionally. Serpentine forms a unique bond with its owner and often causes Kundalini awakening. Meditation with serpentine can help one retrieve ancient wisdoms. Serpentine is associated with the heart chakra and Gemini astrological sign.



Mahogany Obsidian - SOLD OUT

This is a listing for ONE of four mahogany obsidian specimen.

Mahogany obsidian carries similar energies as black obsidian, except with a fiery element. It develops strength and eliminates blockages in life. And also help stimulate growth and change in your life. It may highlight parts of yourself I need to be examined and altered. It is associated with the root and sacral chakra. The zodiac sign that mahogany obsidian is related to is Scorpio.



Chiastolite - SOLD OUT

This is a listing for ONE tumbled stone.

Also known as "cross stone" or analdusite -- chiastolite is a great stone for protection from negativity and psychic attacks. It amplifies the energies of other prosperity crystals and therefore it is a great tool for manifestation. It has been said that staring at the center of the cross gives you laser focus on your goals. For those who enjoy meditation and dowsing, this crystal can be used for accessing the Akashic Records or exploring past lives.



Apopholyte Point - SOLD OUT

This is a listing for ONE of eight apophyllite specimen.

Apophyllite is a crystal that has the ability to stimulate your pineal gland and raise your vibration to high levels needed for spiritual ascension. The points are perfect for crystal gridding or keeping in rooms as they have a calming effect. Apophyllite is a powerful assistant when it comes to linking you and your spirit guides and/or angels. Associated with crown and third-eye chakra.


Black Tourmaline

Raw Black Tourmaline - SOLD OUT

This is a listing for ONE specimen of raw black tourmaline.

Also known as Schorl, black tourmaline is definitely a go-to when it comes to psychic and magickal protection. Keep this on deck when you need negative people and energies to stay away. Black tourmaline also shields from electromagnetic smog and electric radiation. It can clear all chakras. It is closely associated with the root chakra and the Capricorn zodiac sign.