Root Chakra Red Jasper and Garnet Waist Beads

❤️Root 🖤Chakra❤️ - Muladhara

Here's an example of the waist beads you will receive! I will go through each chakra and then will create a bead set featuring all seven chakra.

Root is the most important chakra in my opinion because when it is out of balance it heavily influences all of your other chakra. Root chakra is about safety and security, presentness, and just BEING. Root chakra colors are red, brown, black, gray. The crystals featured on this set of beads are red jasper and red garnet.

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Sacral Chakra Carnelian Waist Beads

🔶Sacral Chakra🔶 - Svadisthana

Your sacral chakra governs your sexual and creative energies. Sacral chakra wants you to have fun and create as you do so. Whether it be creating memories, work, art, people (lol). In this set I used polished carnelian chip beads. A wonderful stone for waking up your sacral chakra. It's also amazing for singers.

Sacral chakra colors are shades of orange and gold. The crystal featured on this set of beads is Carnelian.

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🌞Solar🌞Plexus🌞Chakra🌞 -Manipura

Your solar plexus chakra governs your personal power! Have issues starting things? Or getting them done? You may have a blockage. The yellow of the solar plexus wants you to be bright and sunny and harness the power of the sun! Your ability to accomplish goals and do what needs to get done is directly affected by your SPC.

Solar Plexus chakra colors are shades of yellow and gold. Let me know if you want citrine, tiger's eye or both!

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About Your Waist Beads!

Waist beads are a great way to work with crystals for healing purposes. They won't be touched or seen by others unless you want them to be. They also have direct contact to your skin. These are hand made by me, so they must be cared for! Do not wear them in your sleep or while doing rigorous activity (instead wrap around your wrist like a bracelet).

When you order, be sure to list your exact waist size in the comments section. Someone with a 24" waist would order the 20" option. Someone with a 32" waist would order the 30" option, and so forth.

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