Call Me Oil - from 12$


Here we have it... My first conjure oil available in shop! Call Me Oil is specifically designed to help you make contact with specific persons, organizations, romantic interests, ancestors and so on! It was brewed during Mercury in Virgo, to give you an idea of how the energy of this oil will feel.

This oil is designed to ease communication, encourage contact between parties, give confidence to public speakers and so on!




Mercury Retrograde Oil - $20


Sample size pictured. 

This oil was designed to me a multi-tasker when it comes to Mercury Retrograde. I added elements to keep the user calm, help them communicate clearly, keep them out of drama and danger. Charged with throat chakra crystals, the Ace of Swords, Mercurial and Gemini energy to help you cut through the fog that is often felt during Mercury Retrograde. It has a very relaxing smell with a sweet finish in the throat. Safe for use on the body and hair! Sold in 1/2 oz bottles.

Need a specific oil that isn't listed here?

Custom Hoodoo Oil Blend High Priestess J

How do I use my conjure oils...?

To find out new and innovative ways to use your new hoodoo curio, CLICK HERE! And be sure to leave a comment if you come up with your own new way to use these tools!