My Reiki Story

How Reiki Found Me

In college, a classmate of mine showed a photo project she did on Reiki energy and how the energy waves can be photographed. Her photos showed images of hands over pepoles bodies and what looked like heat waves flowing in between the two. I thought, “I don’t know what the heck I’m looking at… Let me check my email or scroll on Facebook really quick.” That was in 2011.

It really started when I got a dillogun reading in the spring of 2017. It was the first time I’d had a reading like this done before and I was completely blown away. Dillogun is a type of reading given by a priest of African Traditional Religions like Lukumi, Santeria, Palo, Ifa and so on. One of the things I was told that stuck with me the most and that was deeply emphasized was that I was meant to use my hands for healing amongst other things. The diviner asked me if I’d happened to heard about reiki before. I said no and he told me to check it out.

A few months later, I noticed someone new at work walking around the hallways. Shortly after I noticed her, she stopped by my office and asked me if I’d have any issues with a reiki demonstration being held in a conference room at work. I instantly told her no, and asked her more about her experience with reiki. She told me more about herself and after that conversation, I decided to see if there were any local places I where I could learn or at least be exposed to reiki. A quick google search lead me to Imagine Yoga, where I immediately signed up for Reiki I.

Reiki Education

My first Usui Reiki class was spectacular. Imagine is such a beautiful space and the owner, Linda is truly a beautiful soul. As soon as I walked in the doors, any anxiety I had melted away. I instantly felt calm and at peace. There were beautiful crystals and decorations everywhere. I don’t think I had ever been to a place with such an energy before this experience. Linda began the class by laying out cards on a table for us to pick from. I can’t recall what card I chose at the time, but I do remember that it resonated deeply with what was going on in my life. Everything just felt right. We talked about the current astrology, as this all took place during a Mercury Retrograde, and then we dove into the lesson. We got to practice Reiki on a partner, as well as receive Reiki and that was quite the experience as well. Linda taught us a technique to bring happiness or joy energy to the receiver and I just knew I had to try that as soon as possible. After I gave my partner her mini session, she instantly told me how she felt like sunshine and happiness when I was giving her that treatment! Soon after, we got attuned to Reiki, which is where you are given the ability to tap into Reiki energies, and received our certificates. I was beyond happy and couldn’t wait to practice on everyone and everything (including myself).

Reiki I Class – I’m in the cheetah pants!

After my first Reiki class, I felt like I was floating on cloud 9. I slept like a rock that night! But the next day, a LOT of emotions came pouring out of me, which is normal. I yelled at people, I cried, I got irritated, and then I remembered class from the day before, when Linda told us we might have some unresolved emotional issues come out to play, and I quickly pulled out my lesson manual and practiced the grounding and meditation techniques we were taught. What was amazing about this, is that Reiki somehow helped me become more mindful of my thoughts and emotions. I was able to pause and think, “What is really going on here, why am I feeling like this? What is the root, how can I get to the bottom of it all and return to equilibrium?” In fact, for the first time ever, I felt as though I knew how to meditate. Instead of meditation being labor, it felt like a time to reset myself and go within. I also found it easier to create and carry out a spiritual routine, which is something that I really had issues with before. I went from being very sporadic to being methodical with my spirituality.

Shortly after Reiki I, I signed up for Reiki II at Imagine as well as a couple online Reiki courses. I just knew I had to keep going. Reiki had already helped me connect with my self, my body, my mind and even my family. I felt it helped improve and strengthen my conjure work and mental magick. I was ready to continue my education with this new energy healing modality.

Reiki II was something ELSE! I really enjoyed this second lesson, we learned more symbols and how to send distance Reiki. Linda also taught us more ways to use Reiki in our daily lives. I had already began my online Reiki courses and the combination of online and in-person classes gave me a really well rounded education on this topic. I felt very confident in class learning the symbols and really felt my Reiki energy flowing. After this lesson, I was POOPED. We had learned so much and it felt like I’d gone through an energy portal. I remember getting into my car, and the battery had died. I rubbed my hands together and gave Courtney (my car’s name) some energy, cut the engine on, and took a quick 10 minute nap before driving home.

Reiki 2 Class – I’m in the blue top!

The Impact of Reiki on My Life

I took it a few steps further and signed up for Crystal Reiki and Karuna Reiki as well. Each time I learned something new in Reiki, each new attunement, opened up more and more parts of myself and my power that I had no idea was within me. It’s been such an enlightening experience. I have given reiki to my parents, my lovers, my friends, to situations, to my money, to my business, to my home and so much more. Reiki has allowed me to tap into my mental and spiritual power and strength. It’s given me the confidence to just be ME. It’s helped me learn how to not take every, single thing personally. I feel a lot calmer now, like anxiety can’t have a hold on me for much longer than a few minutes. I also feel as though Reiki has helped me manage pain, as it reminds me to breathe deeply and relax in my body when I am not able to get to a heating pad or some anti-inflammatories. I have even became a Reiki Master and have attuned a few people to Reiki, which has been so emotionally rewarding. In the future, I look forward to attending more Reiki refreshers and classes to continue learning as much about this healing modality as possible.

What I love most about Reiki is that it has connected me to so many beautiful people, places and situations. Reiki seems to find its way to you when you’re ready and flow exactly where it’s needed.

They say when you give Reiki, you get Reiki and I believe that deep within my heart.


As always, feel free to respond to this message if you would like clarity.✨

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