Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide

Mercury is going retro again…

Mercury Retrograde is coming, and it will come again. It happens 3-4 times a year and somehow, no one is ever ready for it… Or are they?

As I daydream, thinking about my plans for the next week, I realized Mercury will be going retrograde in Virgo on Saturday, August 12, 2017 until September 5th (where it will station direct in Leo). This will be the third of four times this year that Mercury will turn retro.

What does ‘retrograde’ mean?

I like to use the car analogy. Suppose two cars (red and blue) are driving next to each other at 55 mph. The red car slows down, while the blue car maintains the same speed. To someone sitting inside the blue car, it would appear that the red car is moving in reverse or stopped, even though the red car is still in motion. This is essentially what a retrograde period is all about. Mercury (or any planet for that matter) will simply move around the Sun at a slower rate than usual, making it appear as though it is reversing its self. In addition to this, when a planet is undergoing this type of transit, there are cycles: direct, retrograde, and pre/post shadow. In the case of Mercury, the latter is a 2 week stretch of time in which activities influenced by Mercury may play out with resistance.

What’s so important about Mercury?

A LOT! The Greek god, Mercury, controlled trade, travel and communication. The planet Mercury is the fastest planet in our solar system, astrologically rules Gemini and Virgo and impacts how people express themselves. Text messages, emails, phone calls, letters, even speaking are all heavily influenced by the energies of Mercury. It also coordinates how we process information and send it back out. Because Mercury is the force that drives Gemini and Virgo, those who are born under these signs or have them as a rising, moon or stellium in their chart usually have a great time during these periods of time.

Should I panic?

Not necessarily, as this is simply a planetary transit, not impending doom! See, knowing when the planets are moving and how that affects you can be a great key to avoiding nonsense. Given the provided information above, here is a list of things that I suggest you avoid during this 3 week phase:

  • Avoid travel — excluding work travel, trips that were planned well before the shadow phase
  • Delay starting new projects — instead, finish a project that you may have neglected
  • Avoid ending or starting a new relationship — unless your physical and/or mental health are being threatened
  • Do not rekindling an old relationship, especially if it was painful
  • Avoid purchasing new electronics or big ticket items — you will definitely find the item you are coveting on sale after the transit is up
  • Hold off on mechanical repairs, especially on automobiles — save this for before or after the shadow phase is over
  • Refrain from acting and speaking without mindfully processing

Now, here are some things I highly suggest that you do while Mercury is retro:

  • Connect with friends and family you haven’t seen in a while
  • Update your resume or social profiles
  • Take a refresher course on something you want to improve on
  • Practice self-reflection via meditation or journaling
  • Triple check any and all communications that you make (texts, emails, etc)
  • Adapt new mantra into your daily life — they are super charged right now!
  • Revisit your goals from January and review how far you’ve come
  • Plan your next set of goals for the rest of the year
  • Focus on changing negative habits
  • Tap into your intuition
  • Take the time to get quality rest
  • Practice being mindful of your thoughts and emotions
  • Eat good food, drink alkaline water
  • Leave early for all engagements and triple check addresses/meeting locations
  • Return to self, admire yourself, spend time with yourself
  • Mind your business
Bonus tips

If you are still unsure about how this retrograde will effect you, study the sign of Virgo. You can even take it one step further by figuring out how this transit will effect your astrological houses. For example, I am a Libra rising, so this transit will happen in my 12th house of karma, subconscious, dreams and intuition. I may partake in more dream work, dream journaling, mindfulness and meditation. I could also be sure to think long and hard before I speak. This will personally, be a time to observe prior to acting and implementing. Typically, self-work goes over very well during this time. I’ve consciously experienced 2 years of retrogrades, and the best ones I have had were the ones where I chose to focus on self improvement rather than the many distractions of daily life.

Hopefully you are able to stay on top of your game with this guide. Mercury retrograde doesn’t have to be stressful! Enter the transit knowing you are safe and sound and align your actions to that ideology.


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