Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide Part 2: Crystal Allies

As we all know, Mercury Retrograde can be a very rough time. The three week transit in which Mercury tends to mess with communication, travel and electronics can be a little hectic. In the last article, I went over what Mercury Retrograde is all about and some Do’s and Don’ts. Now, I’d like to share some crystal allies that have helped me conquer this period in the past! Crystals can be great healing tools for people who respond well to physical items, touch or need grounding.

Here are some accompanying crystals you can integrate into your arsenal for Mercury Retrograde:

High Priestess J Selenite
Selenite Orb


A cooling and calming crystal, I keep this one around all year. It is cool to the touch and has a cleansing and re-energizing effect. It is easily found in many shapes and jewelry. The orb shape helps evenly dissipate the soothing energy of the selenite.

High Priestess J Tree Moss Agate
Moss Agate


This stone has been said to balance the left and right hemispheres of the brain as well as release fear and stress. Need I say more? It is also beneficial for heart-space healing, growth (plants, emotional, spiritual) and for gaining wealth!

High Priestess J Pyrite
Raw Pyrite


Pyrite stimulates the Solar Plexus and Root chakras. It helps you stay focused and get work accomplished while grounding and protecting your space, energy and sense of self.

High Priestess J Howlite Palmstone
Howlite Palmstone


A Crown chakra star, this crystal is very mentally cooling. Howlite dissolves anger, increases patience and provides mental clarity. In a palmstone shape, it is easy to carry around and engage with. Keep a piece in your car to help deal with traffic.

High Priestess J Lepidolite
Lepidolite Palmstone and Raw Chunk


This crystal naturally contains lithium (cue Nirvana). It helps to soothe anxiety and depression. This is another great crystal to get in palmstone or tubmled form as your skin can absorb the lithium while holding it.

High Priestess J Fluorite
Fluorite Tower


Need mental clarity and creative problem solving skills? Fluorite is the crystal for you! It stimulates the Third Eye and Crown chakras and allows us to become better observers, filtering out fodder. Try to find a piece with all of the colors (blue, purple, green, clear) as they all stimulate different areas of the mind.

High Priestess J Celestite
Raw Celestite


When you really need other worldly help, seek out celestite. It aids in communication with angelic beings and spirit guides. This crystal also helps you channel down divine guidance and information, which could be helpful during possibly confusing times.

High Priestess J Blue Lace Agate
Blue Lace Agagte


If you come down with a case of word vomit, this is your ally. Blue lace agate allows the user to calmly think about what they are saying before they say it. It aids in clear and diplomatic communication. Not to mention it is simply beautiful to look at, which has a calming effect in itself. 

High Priestess J Amazonite
Raw Amazonite


Amazonite is similar to howlite in that it literally melts anger away. But whereas howlite is cooling, amazonite brings in more compassion and understanding. It reduces irritation because it helps you pull yourself out of the situation experience things objectively. Amazonite is another great ally for travel or dealing with difficult people. 

High Priestess J Emeralds
Polished Natural Emeralds


Emerald inspires compassion, love, joy, commitment and friendship. Keep this around if it feels like you or others around you keep starting arguments. It resonates a caring energy that will have those in its vicinity moving with love. This crystal is also associated with wealth, so it can keep you on track with spending.

High Priestess J Hematite


Hematite is probably one of my favorite crystals, as someone who’s upper chakras are very activated. It is dense and heavy and this, very physically grounding. If you experience dissociation or daydream too often, this will bring you back down to earth. Earrings made with this jewelry are perfect for this.

High Priestess J Smoky Quartz
Smoky Quartz Point


Smoky quartz ironically helps clear out confusion and negative thoughts and energies. It also helps ground down thoughts, feelings and downloads. It is grounding and protective physically and psychically, so a necklace made of this would be a great shield.

High Priestess J Black Tourmaline
Raw Black Tourmaline


THE protection crystal to have on hand. It soaks up negativity and transmutes it. Black tourmaline also has a positive effect on your wellbeing in that when it transmutes the energies it absorbs, it emits beneficial vibes! I’m not even going to lie, I have a piece of this EVERYWHERE. Car, bedroom, office, wallet… I think I even sewed some into my locs.

High Priestess J Aquamarine
Raw Aquamarine


This crystal stimulates the Heart and Throat chakra at the same time. It allows emotional healing and clear communication. Carry with you or put it under your pillow to release irritation, fear and pain in your sleep. This crystal is easy to find in jewelry as it is the February birthstone.

If you want to learn more about Mercury Retrograde or get a refresher, check out the last article.  Do you have any crystal allies you like to keep on deck during Mercury Retrograde? Share below!

As always, feel free to respond to this message if you would like clarity.✨

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