Mercury Retrograde Social Media Break Recap

This Mercury Retrograde, I decided to follow suite of my magical bff Magically Bree and take a social media break. Instagram, Facebook, FB Messenger and Twitter were all promptly deleted from my phone the morning Mercury Retrograde Started. Before I agreed to doing this with Bree, I was very averse to it and felt lots of fear and resistance! That is what drew me to it even more, I felt as though I probably needed it even though I didn’t want it. I’ve learned a LOT during this short time about myself, my surroundings, the people around me and so on. Continue reading below to see how the most important aspects of my life were effected and experienced during this break!

Friends & Family

Mercury went retrograde this time around in Leo, which on my natal chart hits my friends and public sector. I honestly did not spend much time with any of my friends. It’s kinda sad, but ever since Saturn entered my house of home and family, I have not been feeling connected to friends or like they even care for me. Regardless of if my feelings are true or not, I was not surprised by the fact that this theme carried on during the retrograde. I actually ended up losing a friend, but I was expecting the demise of that relationship, so it wasn’t a hard hit, just a lot to integrate. I did, however make lots of verbal contact with friends. Texting, WhatsApp and Facetime were the main ways I reached out to friends. I also made plans with friends for after the retrograde season, giving me more time to get out of the friendship-hole I am in. Acquaintances were also made at the spiritual events I went to, which was great, because I have been craving to spend more time with people who are on the same energetic vibration as I am.

I was able to use this time to bond more with my partner. We did lots of planning and talking together. We also started going to the pool, which was a nice change in physical activity. I think that I learned how to be more mindful and put my phone down and listen. I also believe that I became a stronger communicator because I wasn’t running to social media to subtweet people (which hurts your throat chakra!).

I definitely feel like my connection with my family has increased. I spent much more time around family members

My Little Brother’s Family Tree

than usual as well as chatting or speaking with them in general. Contact with my grandparents has increased, I visited my father for the first time in months (to give him reiki!!!) and boundaries between me and other family members are where I would like them to be for now. I was also able to take my mother out for lunch. It was really cute and I enjoyed spending the time with her even though she got on my nerves a little bit. I look forward to cultivating deeper relationships with family members and ancestors after this period.

Career & Work

My day job slowed down a LOT during the retrograde. I used this time well though, completing courses for my spirituality… Completing work for this website and blog that I had been wanting to get done for a long time… I even came up with some other really cool plans and ideas which will be revealed in time. I also meditated on what I want to do in life and what my life purpose is in regards to my career.


My finances were suffering during Jupiter Retrograde. I was spending out of control!!! What is worse is that I didn’t realize what I was doing until a few days before the retrograde ended! The shadow phase of that retrograde ended too, and I can really see the damage I did (spanks self). However, I was also able to see where I was owed money or items. A 115$ order from Gymshark was NEVER shipped to me and I was able to get my money back plus a 10$ credit. I also found a new way to improve my credit and save money AS WELL AS pay off debts at the same time (WIN!). The downside to this is that I realize that I need to end certain subscription services I signed up for when I was spending recklessly and I will also refrain from buying items from people with no online or physical storefronts. The last part sucks the most, because I love supporting small businesses and random women I find online, but I ran into too much unprofessionalism and a general lack of communication which seemed disrespectful to me. Besides, I am making a shift in my spending. I want to spend money on experiences and my education rather than material items.


I realized a LOT of changes that needed to be made in my home life and around it. I really won’t go into much detail, but this retrograde period really allowed me to dive deeper into what I want and need. In addition to this, I realized that my home is connected to my health, career and passions.

Health & Fitness

the last time I worked out was before the retrograde!

I totally stopped working out… Not even going to lie. Typically when my spirituality gets pumped up, I move my body less, which I think is the wrong way to go. I did practice more gentle movement, though… Morning stretches were my favorite way to stay active as well as taking walks around campus. Something that I noticed was that my sense of appetite was very low at this time. So I guess it worked out that I wasn’t exercising, because I could have really knocked myself out. I was able to exercise yesterday, which was Mercury direct. It felt good to lift weights again but I definitely lost muscle mass. I would say that it was worth it either way, because I grew a lot spiritually. I just need to find a better balance.

Oh! I almost forgot! I was able to get rid of some cysts in my body! I was on a vitamin E regiment and was able to basically melt two cysts I’d had in my body for a LONG time.


Reiki I Class – I’m in the Cheetah pants

My spirituality has been greatly impacted by this retrograde period. First and foremost, I spend the most money out of anything on my spirituality during this time. I signed up for, I kid you not, over 10 courses, intensives, classes, meet-ups, attunements…  It felt like insanity. At times I was very spiritually overloaded and even felt like a spiritual thot. BUT, it was all worth it. I got attuned for Reiki I and had a beautiful experience learning a new (to me) modality of healing and energy manipulation. I learned new ways to cleanse and clear and protect my body and space. I cultivated certain chakras and pushed myself to new limits. I learned how to actually meditate. I ended up being freakily in sync with the universe (Bree will tell you all about my Fantasy texts lol). I even got to meet and work with some spiritual mentors that I really vibed with.  Long story short, I became a real spiritual warrior. I shed my mask of fear that was keeping me from doing the work that I needed to do and JUST DID IT. The amount of confidence and power I am feeling is priceless.

Overall, I really enjoyed my time away from social media. I came out of this experience with the knowing that social media is a waste of time, energy, and creativity for me. I will be drastically reducing my time on social media for personal reasons and will definitely take complete social media breaks the next time Mercury rolls back into retrograde.

If you guys liked this post, let me know and I’ll make more of them! <3

As always, feel free to respond to this message if you would like clarity.✨

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