Many Moons Guide: Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius Personal Tarot Reading

About two months ago, I purchased a book called the Many Moons Guide. I found it on another tarot blog and was almost instantly compelled to get it. After doing extensive self research, I realized that I am a double Cancer and therefore I am heavily influenced by the moon. I was also born during a total solar eclipse, which only occurs during a new moon. I noticed that during full moons, I can’t sleep and get irritated easily. While during new moons, I feel refreshed and creative. Around the time I noticed these things, this book appeared. I will give a full review on the book once I finish it in January. It’s a workbook style book and I have found it to be a nice reflection tool for the month that I have been using it.

I’ve also recently decided to start sharing some of the readings that I pull from this book. One that I had last month was eye opening, and this one was as well. I usually post my personal readings elsewhere, but I figure, what the heck. This exercise was about working with spirit and downloading information. I slept with these cards under my pillow for a few days to see if I could download more insight on them through my dreams. Eclipse times are great for resting on work and just receiving. I hope you enjoy! ☺️


How are my unique fits of service to the collective? The Moon – I believe I drew this card because my job is to help people uncover their hidden powers and truths. I know that the mind is a powerful machine and tool and sometimes it hides things from us that may have protected us in the past that are hindering us in the present. Knowing and truth are two of my favorite things about this world. I embrace both concepts whole-heartedly and I think this may be one of the services am here to provide. You call and I answer with how you can find the information within yourself.

How am I of service daily, weekly, in an ongoing manner? I pulled Judgement for this question. To me, this card speaks of alchemy and transformation. My personal transformations have made it easier for me to just be a better person. And with that, I am better able to help others. I also see how I may influence those that are close to me when I implement new practices into my life. I want to transform and show others how to as well!

Does my community need to take up more or less time, space and energy in my life? Hierophant – This card is all about balance and tradition. I admit, I had taken a hiatus because I was feeling psychically attacked and drained as well as betrayed. Now, I am hoping to find balance and come out of my shell a bit more. Sometimes it’s more harmful to engage in extreme behaviors.

What is my unique gift to the future of the planet? Devil – This card scare the CRAP out of me! I rarely ever draw it for anything… When I was able to calm myself down, I realized a few things… The Devil in a reading can be good too! To me, this card coming up for this question symbolizes as above, so below. Order, equality, balance. Breaking free from bondage and blockage. Releasing. Restoring balance! I think that I really am here to help people tap in! To help them realize they don’t have to abide by the laws of the world they were lied to about. P.S. Studying the Baphomet, Jesus, Ganesha and Buddha helped me get over my slight fear of this card. 

Is this connected in any way to my own healing? Hanged Man – Greatly. I’ve pulled this card several time recently. To me it signals internal transformation, which I really have been experiencing. I know that whenever a transformations is completed, I can use that as an opportunity for learning and growth. And then I can teach others.

Where must I begin acting around those gifts? Five of Cups – As a literal meaning, I will need to implement this healing near water, particularly flowing water like a waterfall. I have been wanting to go to a waterfall lately. But I also feel like this relates to my heart chakra. A few months ago I went through some difficult times. Betrayal, loss… You name it, it was happening. I think I need to focus on revisiting these moments and processing them on a deeper scale.

What other messages am I receiving at this time? Two of Cups – Now is a time of union and romance. Now is a time of love. Now is the time to move in love. Now is the time to move with love. Enjoy it all now.

What doors do I feel are ready to be opened and which chapters are ready to be over? Lovers – I am ready to have a romantic relationship in which two complete souls are joined and remain whole within themselves. True love is honesty, passion, caring, seeing, accepting, knowing, trusting. I am ready for that. Three of Swords – I am glad that chapter is ready to be close because ya girl is tide. 2016 was just not my year, but this has definitely been a deeply healing one.

What must I facilitate in terms of mind, body and spirit to do so? Seven of Cups – To encourage the shedding of the past, imagination must be used. Meditation, quiet time, alone time. I feel like this is when the conscious and subconscious minds can heal. And then once I change the thought patterns, the material around me can change. I must overcome fear.

How can Spirit, my guides, nature or my community help me? Knight of Cups – Quite literally, I need to experience romantic and spiritual events. I need to surround myself with what makes my heart burst and mind explode. I need time with muses that want to be my muse. Emotional experiences will heal. Also, others reaching out to me about their issues is such an awe inspiring moment. I love vulernability. I love being able to talk with people about real pain and then how to transmute it into love.

Where can I reach out for help or support? Strength (R) – I need to reach out to myself. I need to cultivate my self worth and strength and power and let it take over! Meaning I seriously need to work on my solar plexus chakra. I’ve already started wearing my citrine and tiger’s eye to help with this.

Feel free to share your thoughts below.

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