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Happy New Moon!

    For the past few years, I have been performing a ritual nearly every New Moon of the month. The ritual is filling out a New Moon Check! It’s a ritual that many other people have done before, and many people do it without realizing what they’re doing (like when Jim Carey wrote himself a check for a million dollars and hung it up on his wall). I like doing this because it is a form of mental magic. The act of filling out a check to yourself for a specific amount of money is quite similar to filling out a hoodoo petition or setting an intention.

high priestess j new moon check

Unsure of what the New Moon looks like or where it fits into the phases of the moon? Click here.

The ritual can be as simple or elaborate is you want it to be.


  • Cleansing tool (herbal bundle, tuning fork, pendulum, etc)
  • New Moon Checks or blank checks
  • Your favorite or most appropriate pen
  • Your Intention
  • Optional
    • Money Oils, Powders and Herbs
    • Citrine & Pyrite crystals

    Before beginning this ritual, cleanse yourself and your space of any energies that are not congruent with your intent of drawing in wealth. Fill out the check as you would any other check with the date, your full name, and so on.  Choose an amount of money that you need or desire. Know that if you haven’t manifested $1000 before, it may be hard to manifest $2000, so start a little small. The entire time you fill out the check, make sure you are focused strongly on your intent. What do you need or want the money for? How will you feel when you receive and use the money? How will handling that nagging situation or booking that vacation flight feel? How does it feel to know that you are divinely supported and cared for by the abundant universe? Push the energies of what you are feeling into the check. This is what activates the magic of it all!

high priestess j new moon check

    When you are done filling out the check, you can fix it with money drawing oils, powders, herbs and so on. If keeping the check in a flat position on your altar, why not make a crystal grid over it? Use your New Moon check as a petition under a Blessed N Dressed Wealth & Abundance Candle. Set your Wealth & Abundance Mojo Bag on top of your New Moon check to draw up more abundance energy. Or you could put it in your wallet and carry it around with you. If you dress it with fragrant oils, it will be a nice reminder to your olfactory senses every time you open your wallet that you are drawing in abundance! Get creative with how you use your checks!

high priestess j new moon check

    Perform this ritual the day before, the day of, or the day after the New Moon to harness the full potential of the growth energies. Next month, when you prepare to write a new one, you can dispose of your previous check. I like to burn mine. Some people bury theirs, send them off into a body of water or just throw them in the recycling. Do what feels best for YOU!

Want to get started on your New Moon ritual now? Click the link below for a free printout of New Moon Checks!

high priestess j new moon check

Check This Out!

My friend Magically Bree made an awesome post earlier this year with ALL of the Moon phases for 2019 and their dates! Check it out here and mark each New Moon on your calendar so you don’t forget to get your magick poppin’!!

    Have you used New Moon checks as a part of your money rituals before? I find that I am much more open to the energies of abundance during the months that I fill out and carry these checks. Share below your experiences with New Moon checks!


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