DIY BLITCH: Creating a Travel Altar

Travel Altar by Lexi

At some point in your metaphysical journey, you may want to bring your work with you. For those of us who are frequently away from home, a travel altar is a great investment and idea. Many people sell travel altars on Etsy and other occult supply shops but if you have your own mini apothecary and a dub or two, then you can create your own!

Late 2017 I was traveling almost every two weeks across the country for work. I soon came to realize how important It was for me to keep certain energies and rituals going even when I was away from home. My ancestors needed ashe even if I was only gone for 2 weeks and I just didn’t feel right spending prolonged periods of time in places where I had not made sacred space.

Enter the idea of creating my own travel altar! At first I was just using a plastic toiletries bag to carry my tools around… it got pretty gross though. There was no structure for the items I was carrying and things were breaking, spilling and bending left and right.

Altar Box Idea from my Personal Collection
Altar Box Idea from my Personal Collection

So I went on a mission for a beautiful box. Luckily I was able to get one from Ross. Other stores like Home Goods, Hobby Lobby, Michaels Arts and Crafts, Marshall’s and TJ Maxx have awesome boxes for travel altars. I like the idea of carrying my items in a mini chest so I looked for one like that. Take your time looking for a box that resonates with you so are creating a piece that is fully charged with you energy and gratitude. You could also use a plain box, like the one pictured above. I got this from Target. The plain boxes are awesome because if you are artsy and creative, you can paint or glue things on to your box (like cowrie shells, buttons, crystals) to make it unique!

The next step is to consider what type of work you focus on or are currently undergoing. Ancestral veneration, protection, wealth, love, etc. You’ll want to package mini amounts of whatever curio you use so they can easily fit in your altar. If you’re like me, you’ll just fill several small bottles and baggies with your usual/go-to herbs, oils and powders.

Altar Box Idea from my Personal Collection
Altar Box Idea from my Personal Collection

Something else here to consider is working with the elements. I prefer my altars to have the elements of water, fire, earth and air. My spirits are the ether to balance it all out. For the fire element, be sure to keep chime or tea light candles in your box, as well as some matches or a lighter. An empty dessert or shot glass is perfect for the water element, just fill it with water when you get to your destination. To connect with the earth element, I packed crystals and herbs into my travel altar. I feel as though the earth element is very important, especially when it comes to grounding, so try picking out 2-3 items for it. As for the air element, a bell or some incense work perfectly. The bell represents the sound aspect of air. The incense represents smoke, which is a combination of air and fire. Use what resonates best with YOU!

By MoveWithTheMoon on Etsy
By MoveWithTheMoon on Etsy

I almost forgot about packing cleansing tools! These are SUPER important for pre sacred space making! There are so many ways to cleanse your space and/or tools. If you need tips on tools to use for this purpose, then check out my blog post on cleansing! In my personal box I have palo Santo and pinch of sage (for when I just don’t feel like reiki is enough to cleanse). You may also want to pack some salt or any other cleansing curio.

Basic Travel Altar Checklist

  • Altar cloth
  • Candles and holders
  • Spiritual oils and waters
  • Incense (sticks, cones or powders)
  • Bell (or any other sound tool)
  • Herbal bundles or mixes
  • Images and miniature statues
  • Crystals
  • Matches or a lighter
  • Pendulum or other divination tool
  • Salt
  • Paper and a pen

In the end, there is no one way to create a travel altar, but this guide can give you some foundations as to what to include when it comes to yours. This post should give you enough inspiration to confidently create your own altar box! What kinds of things would you have in your altar box? Leave a comment below!

As always, feel free to respond to this message if you would like clarity.✨

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