DIY Blitch: Creating a Lithomancy Set and Sample Reading

Welcome to a new series I call: DIY Blitch! DIY means “do it yourself” and blitch is a term I was introduced to last year at the Black Witch Convention that means “black witch”. I wanted to create a series that shows people like me how to create tools and make items that give their life that extra magick they need!

In the first part of this series, I am going to show you how I made my very own lithomancy or crystal casting set. You can use the exact crystals I used or different ones… It’s up to you! This will be your creation to be proud of and make your own! So continue reading below to see just how I made this beautiful and multipurpose crystal casting set!

Why Lithomancy?

my divination dice, futhark runes, lenormandice, charms and lithomancy set

I LOVE crystals! So when I discovered that there is a way to preform divination with them, I was 100% on board. Lithomancy is basically divining information from the way crystals fall when cast, divining information from markings in crystals OR divining information from crystals selected out of a large group of minerals. For this installment, we will focus on the first form of lithomancy which involves casting crystals. 

I also chose this form of divination because I enjoy casting runes and charms and dice already, so this was a natural progression for me. Casting items seems to be more natural to me than using cards and decks for divination… I’m going to credit this to my African lineage. I will most likely begin creating a bone oracle set once I have worked this lithomancy set into the ground.

How I Made My Lithomancy Set

First and foremost, I took to good ol’ Google to start my research. I found that many people making their own sets used astrological and elemental themes to create their sets. I, on the other hand, decided to use the chakras as a system for my casting set. This is just what made the most sense for me as I was creating my set.

General Meanings: Quartz Point. Where to focus, main point. Clear Quartz. Where to bring clarity or cleanse. Amethyst. Spirituality, thoughts and collective consciousness. Sodalite. What you need to see.  Blue Lace Agate. Communication. Green Aventurine. Luck or money. Rose Quartz. Where love and compassion are needed. Citrine. Personal power and energy. Unakite. Relationships, teams and groups. Goldstone. Ability to manifest, career. Carnelian. Feelings and emotions, sexuality. Smoky Quartz. What needs to be grounded down. Black Tourmaline. What needs protection Red Jasper. Foundations, the root self.

I got my crystals from my local crystal shop for about 2$ each. The pouch I purchased ended up being around 4$, which I thought was a great deal since it is double draw string and has beautiful silk embroidery. I feel as though if I had tried to buy something like this online it would have easily set me back 40$ and might not have had the crystals that I wanted.

Casting with My Lithomancy Set

The main board I use for my lithomancy set is the one to the left here. I did a quick google search for some boards to be used for casting and liked this one best, which was created by The Astral Witch. I like the “Past, Present, Future” part because it is standard to me, but the guidance part adds more to it. I also liked the shape the original chart had as it just seemed to flow in my eyes.

I personally drew this chart in my Magical Playbook, which is an online class centered around making a book for divinatory purposes. (Don’t worry, I will have a full blog post about my Magical Playbook and my experiences making it!)

To the right, the key is shown for the board I addd to my Playbook. It covers

past, present, future and guidance. There are also sections where the circles overlap and add more depth and meaning to where the crystals fall. The key becomes very helpful when using this chart since there are so many different elements.

As a sample reading, lets check out how the crystals fell below on the board. In the past position, the red jasper and the blue lace agate have fallen. The quartz point is in the “how the past effects the present” area. In the present lies the carnelian and rose quartz crystals. In the future lies the citrine. Black tourmaline is located in the guidance/warning area and quartz overlaps the

diy lithomancy set, casting board

“how what to do now” area. So for this client, I would say that there is a large emphasis on communication in the past and something that was said may have thrown the querent off balance. Right now, they need to focus on healing past emotions and healing their heartspace so that they can move on from that situation. Protection is needed right now and clarity should be made about anything that is confusing them or clouding their judgement. In their future, they will gain personal strength and maybe even some financial success due to their new found power.


Lithomancy + Other Forms of Divination and Use

My magical BFF Magically Bree was inspired to create her own charm set after viewing the video I made a few months ago. I really like that she added charms to her set because this is something I did not consider even though I am keen to combining multiple forms of divination together to get a complete answer. She added a key and a feather to her set to represent new opportunities and travel. I would most likely use my silver charm set to add charms to my lithomancy set. I also like how she used a Mexican Lotería board as her casting board for the charms. I thought that was a very original way to use the charms and crystals as well as a great way to use the boards that come with the Lotería game.

So far, I have used this set for full readings and also as a bag to randomly pick crystals out of to get insight on simple questions. I may also begin using some of these crystals in my Magical Playbook for distance Reiki or preforming a chakra rebalancing on my magical poppet. I also like using these when I realize I’ve beens slinging cards exclusively. It’s good for the mind and soul to switch up from time to time! Not to mention it’s fun throwing things! 😉


Easier for you to watch than read? No biggie! Check out the Youtube video I made on this Lithomancy set below! Be sure to subscribe to my channel on youtube!


As always, feel free to respond to this message if you would like clarity.✨

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