Cleansing and Clearing 101: Cleanse Away Negative Energy

Often times, we need to cleanse and clear our spaces and bodies of negative energies. We may encounter negative people or pick up bad vibes. Or some of us are just empaths that need to reset their personal space and boundaries. Regardless of why you want to learn or use these practices, they are simple and useful methods for spiritual protection. Here is a list/guide to some of my favorite ways to cleanse energy.


  • Sage – Most people go to this plant for clearing and cleansing. Honestly, the spirit of this plant is a little tired, but I use it from time to time. It is a great all purpose cleanser, nonetheless.
  • Palo Santo – My go to cleansing method. Palo santo is very unique because when it is burned, it releases negative ions into the air, just like after a thunderstorm.
  • Sweet Grass – Lots of people won’t give you this tip, but after clearing, you should burn or do something to bring in positive (or the corresponding) energy you want! Burning a little bit of sweet grass is the way to go. The scent is uplifting and invites good spirits into your space.
  • Mugwort – This plant is nice to burn as well, as it is protective on a physical and psychic level. It also aids in having restful sleep and deep dreams.
  • Room Steam
    • Boil in a pot 1:1 water and vinegar. Add any variety of sage you please. Once at a rolling boil, remove from heat and carry through all rooms of the house, stating your cleansing intentions. Let the steam waft through each room. When done, pour mixture out of your back door or cast away from your home.


  • Body/Hand Scrubs – I make a hand/body scrub that is my GO TO cleansing method. It’s quick and easy and can also be added to a bath or a foot soak. On top of this it is moisturizing and softening.
    • In a medium size jar, combine almost half baking soda and almost half pink himalayan (or any kind of) sea salt. You want to leave room for herbs and oils.
    • I like to use the following herbs: mugwort, angelica, hyssop, lemongrass, sage, yerba santa, rosemary, bay leaf, dandelion, vetiver, nettle, marigold, wormwood, eucalyptus, marshmallow… the list goes on. Use what you have on tap, or what inspires you… Sometimes you will feel the need to add an herb and when you look it up, you find out why.
      • Be sure to grind these herbs up well, you want them fine so that they have a greater surface area, and therefore are more spread throughout the mixture.
    • I also add essential oils of: rosemary, tea tree (VERY little, as tea tree WILL burn your skin), sage, palo santo, rose, eucalyptus, hyssop, and/or whatever I feel lead to use.
    • Then you will add the oil of your choosing. Olive oil is a GREAT all purpose oil for magick, just make sure it is Extra Virgin Olive oil. Coconut oil is a very protective oil, but it is not non-comedogenic, so keep that in mind if you have sensitive or oily skin. Castor oil is another very softening and moisturizing oil, but it is thick, so keep that in mind, it will provide a deep moisture. Almond oil is another great go to oil, but it has a short shelf life (a few months). I don’t want to seem so negative, but I want to arm you with this information… I suggest olive oil, and then if you have other oils, cut them with olive or almond oil… Cutting oils with other oils is an awesome idea, because each oil has its own planetary influence and you can add that energy to your scrub!
    • Mix together. It’s ready to use from here! Say any prayers/incantations/etc over your scrub! Light a candle over the container to harness or add more energy! You did dah!
    • Use in the shower all over (except genitals), add to baths, or use to scrub hands/feet with cool water. Use this time to say mantras/prayers/incantations that cleanse and reenergize the self.


  • Herbal Baths
    • Herbal baths are a great way to cleanse away negative energies. The following herbs are excellent for cleansing: mugwort, angelica, hyssop, lemongrass, sage, yerba santa, rosemary, bay leaf, dandelion, vetiver, nettle, marigold, wormwood, eucalyptus, marshmallow… There are many more herbs that cleanse and clear and cut away negative energy. Do some research and see what else you can find!
  • Epsom Salt Baths
    • Epsom salt is a life saver. It contains a mineral called MAGNESIUM that most people that do not live right by the sea or ocean are lacking. Magnesium keeps us calm, cool and collected; never losing our composure. It allows you to think before you react. Even if you can’t take a full bath, soaking your feet in epsom salt has an almost similar effect, since human feet are so great at absorbing chemicals and compounds through the feet.


  • White light meditations
    • There are hella white light meditations on youtube… But basically, close your eyes, in a comfortable resting position. Imagine yourself being covered or filled with a white light. Let it seep through the pores of your skin. Know that you are safe and protected.
  • Ring of Fire/Purple Flame meditation
    • Close your eyes in a comfy and rested position. Imagine a (purple) ring of fire around you. Know that anyone or anything that tries to cross that fire will be burned. Also know that you will too, if you lower to levels beneath you. So soar high! You are safe!
  • Calling upon Angels
    • My hitter, my rider, my favorite angel to call upon for protection is Archangel Michael. He is strong, powerful and destroys evil. I urge you to research him… The dollar store always has his candles on DECK.
  • Sword/Knife meditation
    • I like to do this meditation specifically on Tuesdays. It can be as quick or as long as you want. Take a knife of any kind and pass it across your body, like your are cutting negative energy away from yourself the way a butter knife would slice a piece of butter. Go slow if you need to, for visualizations’ sake. See the dense, negative energy falling away from your body. Feel renewed. If you have two metal knives, you can knock them against each other and shout out for your warrior ancestors and spirits to come out and protect you.
    • You can also use crystal wands in the same fashion as knives for this meditation.
  • Temperance Tarot meditation
    • One of my favorite cards to work with for healing and cleansing is the Temperance card. With this card beneath your pillow or in your hands, close your eyes and imagine yourself stepping into the Temperance card. Walk up to the angel. Observe her. Ask to approach her and speak with her. She is very gentle. Leave any of your worries and pains with her, so that she may help you transmute them. When you are ready, say bye for now and exit the card. Notice how you feel.


  • “Cancel, Clear, Delete” from Olde Ways
    • A great mantra I found on Olde Ways’ Twitter. Say this to basically delete shit.
  • “Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha” Ganesha Chant to break barriers and open doorways.
    • I LOVE using Hindu mantras in my spiritual work. This one is great for clearing away debris and opening roads for greatness. Try to repeat the mantra 108 times for 9 days in a row. Bonus points if you have a wooden mala to recite this mantra with.

Do you have any other ways that you cleanse energy? Comment them below to get added to this list!

As always, feel free to respond to this message if you would like clarity.✨

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