High Priestess J Heavenly Healing Reading
High Priestess J Heavenly Healing Reading

Heavenly Healing Reading

You must be a client who has had a reading from me before to qualify for this reading.

This reading is for clients who want to dive deeper into their healing. We will discuss your current life and point out where there can be improvements. Learn your current strengths, weaknesses, challenges and victories via Tarot and 2-3 other Oracle decks that apply to you. We will also highlight your gifts and talents and how to use them to manifest your goals. This reading also includes a mini natal chart reading! Think of it as 1 on 1 spiritual coaching and advancement.

Note: Please supply your birth date, location and time so that your natal chart can accurately be drawn! 

All readings will be emailed to you in 3-7 days. Respectfully, exchange is due before you receive your reading.