August’s Card of the Month with High Priestess J✨

Five of Cups and Eight of Disks

The energies of this month are strong and vibrant. When thinking of August, we are reminded of Leo season, sweltering heat and the last bit of summer. A word that I have seen used frequently to describe the energy of this August is “expansive”. This month IS ruled by the Sun, after all.

Two cards came out for this card of the month drawing. The Five of Cups revealed itself to me and I was definitely sad. But then I realized that another card, the Eight of Disks was right behind it. To me, this is a direct reflection of the energies during this period of time. Keep in mind that there was just a New Moon in Leo, the Full Moon in Aquarius is on Monday, Mercury goes Retro in Virgo on Saturday and last but not least, there will be another Leo New Moon presenting itself to us as a Solar Eclipse on the 21st. Oh, and Uranus just went retrograde today in Aries! Phew!

That being said, the Five of Cups wants us to review what has and has not been working for us. Where do you need to improve your life? What aspects of your day-to-day could you do without? What has been nagging at you in the back of your head that you’ve been burying with distractions? Get those things removed from your life that are not benefitting you. Finish any tasks that make you feel like there is a cloud over your head. Look up from the mundane, the painful and know that you still have a lot more to work toward. See, we are on a down swing right now due to the Mercury Retrograde shadow. If you feel tired or “weird” it’s ok. Rest, rest hard, and then get back to work. Get back to living your life. Tie up loose ends now because the Eight of Disks comes bearing fruit. This card specifically symbolizes growth and expansion through hard work or new skills. That being said, if you have not been on task, handling your business, you will end up feeling unfulfilled. Those who work hard, open their minds to learning and whistle while they work will reap the benefits of this month. So going back to the Five of Cups, take a look at where you can make some tune ups in your personal life, love life or career and after a good rest, get moving!

Personally, I have found Retrogrades to be best for RE-viewing and RE-laxing. Finish projects that you started months ago and lost interest in. Re-read that annual horoscope you read in January. Rewrite your budget. Return that item you purchased 2 weeks ago that doesn’t fit. Repurpose that gift your mother in law gave you for your birthday.

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