Peace, my name is High Priestess J or Jolearra. (Jo-lare-uh) I am a self-taught divination diva, jewelry maker, curio crafter and healer. I am a first-generation American black, queer femme. I come from a strong Congolese bloodline of leaders, intuits and herbal healers.

I read tarot intuitively, therefore I do not predict the future, but I can help you see through the haze in your mind and find a clear path to solutions and healing. I use tarot to figure it out, not see if it can be done. I call myself a divination diva because tarot, oracle cards, rune casting and dowsing are all my jam! I am here to see for those who have clouded judgement. For those who are too afraid to step into their power; that need a little push. For those who be knowin' but cant trust themselves yet. I am here for YOU.

Our Approach

Our Story

I am a Usui Reiki Master. I am also First Aid and CPR Certified as per the National Safety Council. (Feel free to ask to see my certificates.)

My hands are full of magic, so I also make and sell crystal healing jewelry, candles and mojo bags. My current projects are my Blessed N Dressed candles, which now come with ritual options. Stay tuned for more, as I am ALWAYS creating! And if you have an idea that you would like me to create for you, I am always open to suggestion. ✨

Be sure to follow my Youtube channel to see what I am up to!


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